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With headquarters in Ankara, Atasam family is growing day by day in order to serve you better. With our sales representatives who work every corner of the Turkey, we provide service even to the hospitals at the most remote point of the country. In addition to our Ankara, Batman and Izmir Offices, we do continue to work for new office openings. Our goal is to provide the best service to hospitals in Turkey.
With our medical oxygen generator systems, we reduce your annual oxygen cost to the minimum level. Our generator systems which are manufactured specifically for medical purposes have been the indispensable brand of the health sector.
More than 20 systems are working around Turkey. With this knowledge and experience, by following the ever-evolving technology, we are working for the rest of our hospitals to have the oxygen generator systems.


We are the exclusive distributor of OXYPLUS TECHNOLOGIES, a NOVAIR Group company based in Sevran, France.

OXYPLUS Oxygen generator systems are preferred in about 60 countries around the world for many years.
OXYPLUS Oxygen Generator Systems have 93/42/EC certificate.


Keeping the quality at the highest level is the top priorities of our business understanding. We do provide the most suitable and fast technical service to the hospitals which are using our systems.
Our technical service team periodically controls our systems installed to the hospitals.
We get monthly information about our systems periodically by calling our customers by phone.
We provide all kinds of technical support within the shortest period of time.


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